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Pats Pumpkin (Graph Only)


perfect for Thanksgiving or Halloween

FOCAL GRAPH, WORD GRAPH, FRINGE GRAPH, COMPONENT GRAPH ARE INCLUDED WHERE APPLICABLE.  These samples are made in brick stitch for firmness, however, peyote stitch can be used.  Word chart gives row by row bead pattern, colors used, amount of beads needed in focal.  Fringe graph shows beads used, amount and placement and blank space for accent beads used.

The design is Pat Burleys, and in 2000 her friends, Barbara Nightsky, and I began working on these designs.  Since that time, Barbara has passed also and I decided to complete this memorial to my friends.  I made each pattern and also added more designs I created from the basic concept.  Yes this is old but I think these are still of interest today.  Tips and tricks have been added to the original and also updating of the basic instructions.  The graphs were from her old ones just updated on computer.