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About Us

Many years ago I was into crafts and around 1989 I got involved in beading.  No books and an hour lesson on how to make an earring.  I took that and made earrings and bolos and outfits to square dance.  I made logos for sororities and square dance clubs.  I had just hand drawn and rip out beading to get it just right on the patterns.  I then created earrings that I saw in Fedco (as they went out of business) and my mom loved them and so it takes many hours to make them and I taught her how to do this.  She then made long strand necklaces to go with them.  She was 80 yrs old.  My daughter was beading in high school and does some even today.  I made a beaded bracelet watch with the face on the inner wrist and the clasp that would not show.  She loved this and wore it all the time in white and then one in gold.  I learned to bead without books and patterns so a day came when I decided to learn all the stitches and finally ended up in freeform.  I love brick and freeform as I can do it in my “sleep”.  My mentor was Pat Burley and her friend Barbara Nightsky.  Pat was a designer before her time and after her passing Barbara asked me to work with her to make up her designs which we had but a few patterns she had actually wrote.  Barbara never lived to see this memorial to Pat come true and so I decided to complete the project as best I could.  I decided to share them as separate patterns rather than a book.  I hope you enjoy her work.

I have my grandbaby twins turning 8 years old and an 11 and 13 year old I spent time with and my caretaking of parents has come to an end.  I now can share many patterns with beaders the country over as I remember those days when I had 2 kids in college and had few beads to buy but managed to enjoy beading anyway.  Most of my patterns are easy and lightweight and quick to finish.  i make lots of things that are difficult and maybe someday I will put up patterns that show this advanced beading.  I hope you all enjoy these projects as I did when I made them.  I am always available to reach by email.  I can define or change a pattern to meet your request if you contact me.  I am beading or designing nearly every day.  I have shared with you some of my fun projects which I enjoy wearing.

Enjoy beading as it is easy to put your feet up and get comfortable and bead away.  I love Nascar and Pro football so I am getting my projects ready to bead beforehand so  I can sit down and watch my programs and bead.  I will think of you doing the same in your comfort zone as we create and wear art work that makes us feel good from beginning to end.  Enjoy your time no matter how short because it is good for you and your health.